Beaba Babycook Solo Limited Edition

IDR 3,799,000.00

Beaba Babycook Solo Limited Edition - Rose Gold

Beaba Babycook Solo Limited Edition is a 4-in-1 food processor: Steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. XL Capacity.
Steam cooks quickly in 15 minutes: Preserves flavours and vitamins.
Bowl capacity XL 1100 ml: For preparing large quantities in no time.
• Manual cyclone-effect blade: For tailored mixing, adapting the consistency to the child’s
age (smooth, pureed, chunks).
• Removable steaming basket: Possibility of collecting cooking juices rich in vitamins and
minerals to modulate the texture of the preparation.
• Graduated measuring bowl: Easy to measure quantity of water to pour into tank.
• Automatically switches off with light and sound signal when steaming is finished: No
monitoring required.
• Removable lid: Easy to clean.
• Single control button (cooking – mixing): An ultra-compact solution.
• Security lock of bowl: Click sound ensures secure locking.
• Cycle meter with descaling indicator: Warning light.
• Spatula: Practical to remove the steam basket, stir and empty food into the bowl without
being burnt.
• Removable blending/smoothie filter lid: Easy to clean.
Accessories: Supplied with blending/smoothie filtre lid, spatula and recipes booklet.
Care: Cover, basket, lid, knife: Wash by hand or dishwasher. Body of device: Clean with soft damp cloth. Do not immerse the Babycook.


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